Turning individual creativity into organizational innovation and developing Staff ability to adapt in a dynamic environment is central to the management Thinking. Hence, the company takes pride in maintaining a competitive Workforce that is "
  • Knowledgeable
  • Value creation for customers
  • Innovative
  • Committed
  • Respect for people
Value creation for customers

Customer satisfaction In the 21st century's era of unlimited global competition, the key to a company's competitive edge lies in offering better solutions to meet customer needs. We will grow and develop alongside our customers by maintaining and putting into practice a customer-focused mindset, the foremost value in our overall business, in order to ensure our customer's satisfaction with our products, services, and our community-oriented corporate image.
We strive to examine the needs of customers and produce the goods they desire In order to provide customer satisfaction, and to become a company creating a future in partnership with our customers.
T V Group constantly focuses its efforts on innovation and product development in order to create the forest of the future together with its customers.
The spirit of customer satisfaction at T V Group, a customer- oriented company In step with the world, can be summarized as "Together".


Innovation is a core value in securing a global competitive edge, staying one step ahead of environment changes and ensuring and growth, Innovation, which is the lifeblood of our products, management, and processes, represents our willingness to accept changes and our commitment to leading the industry by quickly and continuously creating new value based on imagination and creativity.

Respect for people:

Recognizing that human resources is the core source of value creation, T V Group is committed to providing all our employees with opportunities for self-development and self- realization, to cultivating them as desirable, competent relents, to promoting the balanced development of both the people and the organization by establishing an exciting and rewarding corporate culture, and to contributing toward the creation of a better quality of life. Based on our management philosophy Which centers on customer satisfaction, innovation and respect for people, T V Group contributes to the enrichment of customer's quality of life and to enhancing human life by valuing teamwork and performance, sharing an exciting and rewarding corporate culture, and creating nature-friendly living spaces.
T V Group, aspires to contribute to society as a new wood creator Allowing humankind to benefit from wood through new species of trees. Using science and imagination, we seek to create a new significance for trees And a new wood culture in people's lives.




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